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With An Experienced Virtual Producer & Event Technologist

Bring your event to life with seamless technical solutions that put your message at the heart of the production and truly captivate your audience. Whether it’s on stage, at the office or in the classroom, Ian Davis (that’s me!) can help you host professional, memorable, and stress-free events – without worrying about those dreaded tech issues.

Working with Ian is perfect if you
want to...


Plan virtual or in-person events and workshops with reliable support


Produce events using leading audio, video and technical solutions


Deliver professional live experiences with flawless execution


Measure performance and track your impact with relevant analytics

Michael Lieber

Partners in Torah


Ian was a pleasure to work with. Easygoing and knowledgeable, he made the entire event work smoothly. Would highly recommend and would definitely hire again if we do similar events in the future. Thanks Ian.

Diane Drubay

We Are Museums


Working with Ian was so smooth...a real pleasure. When it comes to technical support for online events, it is crucial to feel supported and in good hands, pay attention to detail, but also using humour to alleviate stressful situations. Ian brought all this to the project Ian really pushed this event to the next level 👌🏼

Gavin McGarry

Jumpwire Media


Ian is one of the best Zoom operators around. Hands down. We feel lucky when we are able to get him for a project. He takes everything to the next level with his knowledge of all virtual meeting platforms and technology in general. He is extremely creative and clients really enjoy working with him. We highly recommend him for any project.

Ralph Bartholomew

St Albans Web Design


Ian delivered significantly more than expected for this project. We were looking for an event coordinator who could advise us on technical aspects of running a Zoom webinar and run the event, which we got, but Ian also added huge value by suggesting useful new Zoom features, organising timing of the event, building scripts and technical checklists, producing branded countdown videos, participating in pre-event planning meetings, building master slide decks on short notice, and finally producing an edited video of the event for distribution. Ian will be the first person we call when planning our next virtual event.


Elisabeth Tchoudjinoff


Ian was hired to help set up and deliver a webinar as the tech support. He was knowledgeable with the nature of events and the webinar tech, obviously someone who is up to date with all web matters, I could trust him to speak directly to our end clients due to his professionalism. His relaxed demeanour was reassuring going into the live event, staying cool even while needing to react fast when a speaker had some problems getting online (whom he called directly immediately as soon as I passed a number) - problem was resolved shortly. Would definitely work with again!

Vincent Danvoye

Management Centre Europe


Delighted to have hired Ian to support our online events. He brings so much energy and enthusiasm to the events. Easy to work and communicate with, great personality. With him, everything just works perfectly!

Cameron Mckirdy

Virtual Approval


Have worked with Ian on a number of complex virtual events over the last two years and he always excels in solving problems, staying calm and being the absolute professional. He is always the first name on my list when I need a event producer or senior technician.

Deborah de Jong

Deborah de Jong Consulting


A pleasure to work with Ian - the consummate professional. I would highly recommend Ian for any of your production needs. This man was exceptional. Over and above expectations. 11 out of 10. I will definitely work with Ian again ! Much gratitude 🙏🏻

As a Facilitator, Marketer or Business Owner, Do You Ever Feel Anxious About Technical Issues Letting You Down During Live Events?

Picture this. You’ve dedicated months to planning a major event, spent countless hours learning your script and, just as you’re about to take centre stage…
…the sound cuts out.

There are few worse feelings. And the truth is, that’s just one of the common issues that ruin far too many online or in-person events. But it’s not your fault. You’re the subject matter expert – it’s not your responsibility to have the technical know-how to deliver a seamless audience experience.

The bottom line is that, as a facilitator, marketing manager, business owner or industry expert, planning memorable events can often feel overwhelming – especially when you’re at the mercy of technology you’re not familiar with!
Maybe you’re worried about losing credibility, knocking your confidence, or even worse – disappointing the audience when you fail to prevent or instantly correct technical issues that distract from your message.

If you’re answering ‘yes!’ to any of these questions, you could use some help…

Do tech problems keep you up at night when you should be focused on perfecting your message?

You dream of running live events and workshops that effortlessly incorporate the latest streaming platforms and digital solutions.

Are you frustrated with watching high-quality events that go far beyond what your team is capable of alone?

You’re ready to level up your production and compete with other experts that invest in top-tier event technology.

Have you tried to set things up yourself, only to face technical challenges that sabotage your whole event?

You want to take the pressure off your shoulders with a technical expert you can trust to keep things under control.

Are you struggling to adapt to new digital tools and platforms without feeling completely out of your depth?

You’d like to make the most of leading software designed to increase audience engagement at conferences or in the classroom

Are you missing out on sales, growth or engagement because your live events just aren’t up to scratch?

You want to reach and connect with more people, maximize your personal performance and achieve your full potential.

Are underwhelming virtual events negatively impacting your brands online presence and professional image?

You deserve a tried-and-tested solution and high-end production that proudly communicates your message.

Whether you’re a business owner pitching for funding, a team member presenting to your colleagues or an educator delivering a student seminar, you deserve to feel in control of your event technology. Ian utilises years of live event success to remove the stress of tech hiccups that threaten to derail your presentations. Why? So you can run a perfectly smooth production – free from disruption.

Bring Your Event To Life With Insider Knowledge & Experience

Ian brings deep experience supporting more than 100 live events hosted by the biggest names in global business. With specialist knowledge that includes scripts, music and engagement tools that add unique value to your event team – he goes beyond technical expertise to elevate all aspects of your production.

Supported by the most advanced techniques in the industry, Ian can provide crystal clear audio, high-quality video, and professional slides to complete your next virtual event. It’s time to stop worrying about tech issues and start focusing on teaching your audience, growing your business, and adding more value to your live events.

Ian partners with companies in the UK, US, Europe and Australia to produce quality virtual experiences – from memorable classroom training to engaging corporate events. Oh – and he’s even worked with major influential public figures like Michelle Obama and Bill Gates!

Trust Ian's Deep Expertise With World-Leading Platforms & Engagement Tools Designed To Enhance Your Virtual Event

Ian Davis Is The Go-To Producer For ANY Business Looking To Upgrade Their Events & Eliminate Tech Challenges

Whether it’s in-person or online, Ian helps you tell your story with complete peace of mind using tech solutions tailor-made for your event. From planning your production to bringing it to life on stage, he can assist you throughout the process with high-end technical support that’s trusted by world-leading brands

Virtual Producer

Remote support for virtual classrooms and online corporate events. Help presenters connect with participants by removing technical stress

Event Technologist

Onsite technical support for conferences and venues of any size. Gain peace of mind with the complete tech solution for in-person events.

Ian Lives & Breathes The Values That Drive Live Event Success

After years of experience creating outstanding global events, Ian has taken the roles of Virtual Producer and Event Technologist to a new level with a set of core values that make him a welcome addition to any team.

With a market-leading setup including Razor Advanced laptop with the latest graphics card, super-fast fibre internet, backup internet and an uninterruptible power supply, your event is in expert hands. Ian is at the forefront of tech developments that give his live events a creative edge.

Once a booking is on the calendar – Ian is there. After countless positive reviews, you can be sure that your dedicated tech expert will be on time, organised, and prepared to help you deliver your most successful event to date.

Ian brings relaxed energy and a cool head to every event, making him the perfect partner for your team (especially when things don’t go as planned!). Expect professional and timely support proven to transform live events from behind the scenes.

Ian’s wide range of experience makes it easy to select the best platforms and software for your event, resources, and budget. He’ll work closely with you to plan, prepare, and implement a solution tailored to your needs.

When working with Ian, you get much more than just tech support. Script building, music selection, engagement tools, and an expert overview are just some of the ways he can enhance your event and identify opportunities to improve.

With a qualified producer and technologist by your side, tackling new tech challenges becomes effortless. Ian applies an innovative and detail-oriented approach to stay on top of best practices in the fast-paced live event industry.

Meet Ian Davis (That’s Me!), Your Dedicated Virtual Producer & Event Technologist With A Passion For Sharing Your Story

I’ve been fascinated by technology for as long as I can remember – disassembling my Christmas presents to figure out how they worked or solving technical problems for some extra pocket money!

That passion stuck with me and, once it was time to enter the real world, I decided to study Digital Media at university in Manchester, UK, the place I now call home. Following a whirlwind grad role with Apple, I joined WRG, one of Europe’s leading creative event agencies, where I had the chance to visit 30 countries and work with the world’s biggest brands.

Now, I work as a freelancer for businesses, schools and tertiary education organisations that need first-class support for live virtual and in-person events and workshops.

I quickly rose to the top 1% of Event Technicians on Upwork, helping experts hone their message for the stage while doing everything I can to make the process enjoyable and hassle-free.

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Marketers & Business Owners Everywhere Trust Ian With Their Events

Ian partners with companies in the UK, US, Europe and Australia to produce quality virtual experiences – from memorable classroom training to engaging corporate events.

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